All City Track Meet
a South Pasadena tradition since 1981

April 19 & 20, 2024


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The ACTM is a track & field competition organized and run by South Pasadena PTAs.  All elementary students in the city of South Pasadena are invited to participate.  No experience necessary!  Any student can register for individual events.  Relay events require qualification. Relay tryouts will take place at the elementary schools.

Official SPHS Practice Schedule

Practices take place at the SPHS Track.  

5:30pm - 7:00pm
(K-2 will likely end by 6:30)

Fri 4/12 (Marengo)
Mon 4/15 (MHS & Holy Family)
Tue 4/16 (Arroyo Vista)

If you can't make it to your own school's practice, feel free to join any other practice session.  Students do not need to be registered for the practices.  Students may practice all events even if they do not plan to compete in them.

Friday 4/19 Schedule
(All Field Events)

4:00 pm Opening Ceremonies

3rd Grade:
4:30 pm: Long Jump

4th Grade:
4:30 pm: High Jump
5:30 pm: Long Jump
6:30 pm:  Shot Put

5th Grade:
4:30 pm: Shot Put
5:30 pm: High Jump
6:30 pm:  Long Jump

After and between events, athletes can participate in FIELD DAY FUN!, fun skill challenges on the field organized by SPHS track team volunteers.

*Times are approximate, but events will not begin earlier than posted time.  
*Girls compete first in each event. 

This event will likely (but not definitely) be over by 8:00 pm.
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Saturday 4/20 Schedule
(All Running Events)

8:00 am Opening Ceremonies

Kinder, 1st, 2nd Grades
8:30 am
2nd Grade: 8x50  relay followed by 50 yd dash
Kinder: 8x50  relay followed by 50 yd dash
1st Grade: 8x50  relay followed by 50 yd dash
*Girls compete both events, then boys compete both events.

3rd, 4th, 5th Grades
8:30 am
800m run: 4th followed by 5th
100m dash: 3rd followed by 4th followed by 5th
4x100m relay: 3rd followed by 4th followed by 5th
400m dash: 3rd followed by 4th followed by 5th
*Girls compete first in each event.

This event will likely (but not definitely) be over by noon.
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One of the important things we can learn from participating in the All City Track meet is how to be a good sport.
GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP means showing your will to win AND...

* ...being a good winner! Wear your win with pride, but don’t rub it in. *

* ...thanking your opponents! A high five or a handshake is great. *

* ...cheering for your team, but never jeering your opponents. *

* ...abiding by the rules and playing fair. *

* ...praising your teammates when they do well and encouraging them when they make mistakes. *

* ...above all, showing respect for others and having a grand ol’ time! *

Competitor Lists by Event and School

Field Event & Race Tutorials

Volunteer Information

Meet Day Information & Instructions



Event Organizers:  Megan Gardner & Gina Loyonnet,
Arroyo Vista:  Eryn Kalavsky,
Marengo: Noel Garcia
MHS: Georgeanna Cheung,
Holy Family: Paul Ripple,